Weapon Strike

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Weapon Strike Weapon Strike

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Weapon Strike Game


Weapon Strike takes you on an unforgettable journey through time. Have you ever dreamed of being in other times when you were not even in this world? In this game, you can see what is hidden by long years of history. Modern games offer you to shoot with ordinary weapons. Only in this game, you can try yourself as a medieval warrior. Instead of powerful weapons, you will have an ordinary knife. Tough guys like you are welcome here, so don’t hesitate.
As the target is an apple. You should throw clearly and hit the apple. On difficult levels, you should break the wooden boards with a knife. You have to be as careful as possible. If you don’t hit the target, the knife will fly back and hurt you. The stakes in this game are high. Show that you are not just a guy. You have every chance to become the star of this quest. Get started on the mission!


Use mouse to play

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