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Ball Clash Ball Clash

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Ball Clash Game


Ball Clash invites those who are ready to dive headlong into gambling adventures. This game has a lot of unexpected scenarios. To win at each level, the player should be a real tough guy. You will need your ability to think logically. You are also expected to be agile and maneuverable in critical situations. As the game starts, you will find yourself surrounded by thousands of naughty balls. All they want from you is to collect them in one place and launch them into the hole in the game space. At the same time, the clock will be ticking and rushing you. By the end of the round, you shouldn’t have any free walking balls left. Hurry up to show your skills and become the champion of this game. This game will make you even stronger and smarter. Brag to your friends and start playing now!


Touch and drag to aim, release to shot.

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