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Have you ever played Zuma online? This game require all your attention at a moment and brings a lot of  pressure in playing. But once you get the rules of the game you will enjoy this game as much as we do. All zuma games are bright and colorful. Enjoy the games playing Zuma in full screen mode. Also turn on/off music and side sounds in the game during playing. All the necessary button are available in every gaming time.

How do you play the game Zuma?

If you have ever played this game or have seen someone playing it you definitely know the rules, but we will tell you exactly what it is.

There is a cannon in the middle of the field and a winding line all around. Also, we have different colored balls sliding down the line during the game. The cannon is getting loaded with all the same colored balls one by one. Your aim is to shoot these balls to the same colored balls in the line so these are disapearing (starting from 3 in a row). The main goal is not to let a line of Zuma balls finish its pass.

Zuma Online game

How to play Zuma on the Zuma Boom example

Is Zuma game free?

Yes! All of Zuma games are available for playing online and free with every device you own. Play with PC, mobile or a tablet whenever or wherever you are. We have tried to make our site the most convenient and cozy for every visitor. Have collected the best, on our opinion games.

But please, if you have something on your mind about improvement or decent development just tell us and we will make your wishes come true with all our ability.

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Veraity of free Zuma games

What is the best Zuma game?

You tell us! Too bold answer? Yes! We want you to tell us what are your favorites! Just play and choose. As for us any game is unique and fun, but maybe, some of them are more catchy and interesting. Of course, you may use a lot of concentration of yours because the game require some patience and time, but if you figure out the special theme which suits you we will be able to  make more interesting games for you.

zuma game free

Playing Zuma Legend online

How to play Zuma full screen?

There are several options that will help you play Zuma game full screen. Follow the Screen shot below and use these buttons to pen up the full game to concentrate more. Nothing else on the screen will bother you, because the Zuma game will take all your screen.

zuma game full screen

Playing Zuma Deluxe Original in full screen

Why are there so many Zuma games online?

We would not call it “Too many”, we would say “a lot, but not enough”. Every Zuma game is different, and the different is not only in colors and themes. The speed of the ball line, the usability of the ball cannon, time limit and the amount of levels each game propose. Just try them all and  you will see that all the impressions are different.

Online Zuma games free

Online Zuma games for free